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Name the Oklahoma State - Tulsa "Rivalry"

I hope our 6 commenters limbered up this morning, because it is Friday before gameday and we are once again taking it to the comments section.  This week, we will be suggesting some names for the Cowboy - Golden Hurricane "rivalry".  I know, I know.. this may not even be a rivalry, but that doesn't mean it still can't have a name.  Hell, maybe the name suggestion that wins will be, "Two schools that are an hour apart but don't play each other enough and are on different levels so it really isn't a rivalry" series... or TSTAAHABDPEOEAAODLSIRIARS for short. 

The point is, all great, not great, and pseudo-rivalries have names... be it Bedlam, Farmageddon, The Apple Cup, or the Red River Barf-fest (you decide which are great), they all have names and this one needs to follow suit.  And don't give me that "Turnpike Rivalry" or whatever lame bullshit that I have seen mentioned a few times, that isn't going to cut it for the following reasons:  there are turnpikes everywhere, there are already rivalries that are called that, and the least subjective reason is that the name is totally lame (yeah!  vague internet reason!).

So let's go ahead and give this bastard of a series a real name. Take it away comments.