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Tulsa @ OSU Post Game Recap


A few post game thoughts while I'm finishing some cold PBR (s)...

The Cowboy Defense was once again, excellent tonight. Out interior defense was insane. Absolutely nothing doing for the TU running game.  The interception by Brodrick Brown in the first quarter was huge and really set the tone for the game. GJ Kinne simply did not have the time to get anything off as he spent most of the night running from our DE's. 

 Weeden was solid with 2 touchdowns in the first quarter and he quickly realized the advantage that Blackmon had over Flanders. I can say it was the first time in a long time that I actually felt sorry for an opposing player.

It was really nice to see Weeden hook up with Michael Harrison early. Always good to see players you aren't familiar with produce touchdowns.  Hubert Anyiam looks to be getting back to 100% too, and that will pay dividends in Big 12 play. After three games, I think it's apparent that Justin Blackmon is unstopabble. Through three games, he has 24 receptions for 431 yards and eight touchdowns. He is on pace to obliterate Rashaun Woods’ single-season school records for receiving yards (1,695) and catches (107). Blackmon also would shatter Dez Bryant’s school mark for TD catches (19). The combo of Anyiam and Blackmon will be absolutely insane.

Dan Bailey was active tonight too. I'm not certain but I think he accounted for about 16 of 65 points. Not bad for a kicker..During the postgame, Robert Allen caught up with Bailey and asked him what range he would be comfortable with as we get in to Big 12 play. Bailey said he felt good with 50-55 yarders and that will be huge when we need points down the stretch.

Tulsa came out really hungry in the 2nd Quarter, knowing that things would be over quickly. They drove 80 yards and got the TD, but OSU responded with another TD. Oklahoma State moved the ball at will, scoring on it's first 10 possessions.  I cannot imagine how defeating that is to be hurried all night and finally get a score only to see the opposing team come back and add to their total.  It was over in Kinne's mind at the beginning of the 2nd Quarter. The athleticism of Oklahoma State absolutely killed him.

It was apparent early that Tulsa was selling out to stop Kendall Hunter, but it did not pay. Weeden finished with 409 yards passing and 6 TD's. In the end, they just could not apply the pressure that Troy could, and Weeden made them pay.

The Cowboys rolled to a 58-7 lead in the 3rd Quarter, and Coach Gundy cleared the benches. 65-28 Final. I have to say that I'm encouraged after this game. The combo of Weeden, Blackmon, Anyiam, Cooper, Hunter and Randle mixed with our Defense is exciting as shit. Try to stop the run and we'll burn you with bombs. Drop your guys back and we'lll kill you with the run...

As Andrew McGee put it in the postgame show -

"A lot of people thought we couldn't do what we're doin. That is our motivation."

The Cowboys are 3-0, and have a week off to prepare for an A&M team that struggled with Florida International. That game will set the tone for our run at a Big 12 title. Get the offense humming and get even better on D with each game and it might not be a stretch.

Sam will have a full recap tomorrow when he's back from Stillwater. Hopefully it will include some nice titay pics. Until then, good night and good luck.