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CRFF Podcast #4

True to our word, Podcast #4 is here and ready to be listened... to... I guess.  This week we welcome in the new writer Royal John to discuss some Tulsa stuff, how the season has gone, and even a little recruiting. Since this one went a little longer than normal (a whole 34 minutes), I decided to put a little table of contents here so you can skip around if you find us boring (impossible), or you have a short attention span (more likely). Oh, and the newest intro/outro song will make you weep... in a good way. (good = feminine)

0:00 - Breathtaking intro

0:25 - People intros and Tulsa Recap

7:42 - Our feelings about how the entire season has gone

22:05 - Recruiting talk

27:59 - What we will be watching this weekend

33:24 - Outro... more taking of breath

Get the CRFF 9-21 Podcast mp3 right here.

Or use the embedded player below.