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The CRFF Apparel Store is Alive

Sadly, this is not the delivery method.
Sadly, this is not the delivery method.

Well you can read the headline right?  The store is open and we have a few shirts for sale in there so check it out. 

Apparel Store Link
There is also a box on the right sidebar of the main page with a link to the store and a few sample designs.

We plan to fill the store up with all kinds of great apparel (shirts, hats, umbrellas, basically anything that can have a logo on it) that people may actually want to wear... and this is where you come in.  As a reader of this site you are VERY aware of our laziness and un-creativity-ness-er.  This store is a great example as what you see available for sale is the result of 9 minutes of work spread over 4 years. So we are asking for you to submit your ideas for designs.  Leave them in the comments section, email us (addresses are in the footer), skywrite it, whatever... just get us your shirt ideas.  Now you may ask youself... "What the hell is in it for me?"  Well, if we use your idea we will send you that shirt... FOR FREE!  We get a great shirt idea, you get a free shirt... everyone wins!

Now, as there are licensing issues, there are some rules as to what can go on a shirt.  Here is a brief summary of those rules:

  • No full player names (NCAA rules). No distinctive first or last names either. For example: you can get away with using the name Brandon as it is common, but not Weeden... and even this can sometimes be a gray area.
  • No licensed images, OSU related or otherwise.
  • Can use the words "Cowboys", "Pokes", etc, and can use "Oklahoma State", but not "Oklahoma State University". It can't sound like the shirt represents the school. No using the words "Big 12" at all.

If we like your design, and it doesn't violate any of the above rules, I will send it off to SBNation legal to make sure it doesn't violate any others that I don't know about, and you are on your way to a free shirt.  But don't get too hung up on all the licensing rules though, I just wanted to put them up so you know they exist... just send your suggestions, and even if we can't legally put it on a shirt, we can still be wowed by it in the comments section.

To recap, here is your to-do list:  check out the store, buy some shirts, submit your ideas for more shirts, and if we use it, you get a FREE SHIRT (following this site is turning into a 2nd job isn't it?).

Happy Shirting!