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OSU Questions and Answers Time!

Hooooray, Bye Week! ...Right? Anyone? No? Ok, so considering the fact that OSU does not play a game this weekend, we here at CRFF have decided to talk about some different topics not concerning the upcoming game against Texas A&M. If you think this is because we aren't creative enough to find anything to write about between now and then, you are absolutely correct. You get a CRFF gold star (they don't exist). Anyway, we came up with six very important questions that are pretty damn tough and are likely to cause fights between friends who take different sides. In other words, make sure to bring up these topics the next time you're at a party drinking lots of whiskey. Also, leave us some comments with your own answers and opinions! Mmmmm, jump button.

1. After three games, which future OSU matchup looks tougher? Nebraska or OU?

A tough one.  On the one hand, I would be more nervous about facing an OU team that is on it's game than a Nebraska team that is in top form, but on the other hand you don't know which weeks OU will play to its potential, and which weeks it will play down to Utah State. Right now I think the OU game is still tougher, but the Nebraska game is a much closer 2nd (and is now almost 1A) than it was 3 weeks ago. - SamuelBryant

Nebraska. OU is a one man show. First team to limit Murray wins. The Nebraska team, mixed with the running game they've got going is starting to scare. - CincyJoe

I'm going with OU. I'm still not sold on Nebraska--especially on offense. Although OU struggled with Utah State and Air Force, they know how to get up for big games (i.e. Florida State). I expect OSU to get their best when they come to Stillwater for Bedlam. - Royal John

2. Better coordinator? Bill Young or Dana Holgorsen?

Geez. I don't even know how to go about this. The trait I most look for in a coordinator isn't as much their gameplan going into a game, but how they adjust to what the other team is doing (so the Tulsa's DC gets an F for his unwillingness to change his gameplan last week). Young and Holgorsen both do an excellent job of making adjustments, so I love them both.  But if I have to make a decision, I'll go with Dana. Never finishing outside of the top 6 in total offense as an OC is hard to beat. - SamuelBryant

Tie. They are both very good at what they do. How pussy is that? - CincyJoe

This is a very tough one. Right now, I'm going with Bill Young. Holgorsen has made offenses absolutely spectacular but Bill Young did the impossible--he turned Kansas into a BCS bowl winning team. Anyone who can take Kansas athletes and do that is an absolute genius in my book. - Royal John

3. Better Stillwater drink? Limey or Keystone Light?

Key Light. Been drinking it since the "specially lined can" days. - SamuelBryant

PBR. I just plug PBR because they give me free beer to do so. So I'd have to go with um, PB fucking R. - CincyJoe

Hmmm, I do love a limey. Any drink being poured that involves the bartender holding a vodka bottle upside down for at least 5 seconds over your cup is definitely aces in my book. However, I HAVE to go with Keystone Light. That single beer defines my college tenure. It created all the memories I will never remember. - Royal John

4. More impressive breakout so far? Richetti Jones or Justin Blackmon?

Blackmon. We all knew Richetti had the ability to be a force, he has just been hurt and forced into action at too many different positions. While I thought Blackmon could be good and maybe lead the team in receiving, I never thought he could lead the country in receiving yards, and be as uncoverable as he has been... and I'm the guy that tweeted this.  - Samuel Bryant


For me it's Blackmon. I'm impressed with his numbers as well as the work that he's put in  to get faster and stronger. Need to see more from Richetti. - CincyJoe

I say Richetti Jones. Blackmon is an absolute stud but he also has an amazing QB throwing those perfect balls that land right in the basket (that got weird). Richetti, on the other hand, gets it done on his own. He's a Manimal. The guy was thrown into the starter role for the first three games and all he did was become the most disruptive force on OSU's defense. Also, is there a better nickname than "The Machete??" - Royal John

5. Which record is more likely? 7-5 or 9-3?

Preseason I picked 7-5, but now I think 9-3 is more likely, mostly due to the aforementioned coordinators. I still think we can drop one stupid game, but I would no longer be shocked if we went 3-2 vs  A&M, NU, Tech, OU, and TX... something I did not think was possible a few weeks ago. - SamuelBryant

7-5. When I look at the schedule, I see 4 really tough games left (@ TX, @ Tech, NU, OU). I think it's "likely" that we drop all 4 of these, as well as a road game that we should win. - CincyJoe

9-3. Looking at the schedule and who has struggled so far, I think OSU will win both games in Kansas and beat Texas A&M at home. That only leaves Nebraska in the way of a 9 win season (unless OSU somehow finds a way to win in Lubbock). I believe OSU can win that game and therefore I find a 9-3 season more likely than 7-5. - Royal John

6. Better hair? Mike Gundy or Dana Holgorsen?

Gundy. Good luck finding anyone on the planet that I would pick over Gundy in a hair-off. - SamuelBryant

Gundy. I love his dedication to the style and I am enamored by the precision. This aint your dad's spike. - CincyJoe

Watch out, OSU fans. There's a new hair sheriff in town and his name is Phil Collins Dana Holgorsen. Those lucious locks of gold scream "Put a fan in my face and film me in slow motion, bitch." Some even believe that Holgorsen's offensive play calling power comes straight from his lion's mane (I'm probably the only one who believes that). - Royal John