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Betting The Big XII

With the Pokes enjoying their bye week, I need something to do this Saturday.  After briefly considering spending some time with my kids, my wife, my illegitimate kids, my girlfriend, or my illegitimate girlfriend... I quickly decided that the most sensible thing to do would be to bet on the rest of the Big XII games and see how I do. That oughta liven up my Saturday.  So I hypothetically steered my browser to a hypothetically illegal gambling site and hypothetically placed $5 bets on the 6 wagerable games that involve Big XII teams this weekend... then for good measure, I parlayed them all, just in case I really know what I'm doing (spoiler: I don't know what I'm doing).  So on to the bets.

Game (fav in bold)
Line Pick Comments
Miami(OH) @ Missouri -20 Mizzou Mizzou is coming off a god-awful performance, but Miami is only averaging 285 ypg, and Mizzou will be looking to prove a point.  I don't think Miami can score enough to keep up with the line. I'm thinking something like 38-10.
UCF @ KState -7 UCF KState is all about the run game obvs, UCF has held opponents to 3.5 ypc, but can be thrown on (allow 400ypg).  Will the Wildcats find a passing game?  I say no. I think this one is decided by less than a TD.
UCLA @ Texas -15 Texas This line had the biggest swing of any on the board. It opened at effing 21!  All the damn money in Vegas has to be on UCLA to move the line this much.  I know UCLA did some good work last week, but a team this inconstant doesn't come into Austin and lose by less than 3 TDs. Hook'em.
OU @ Cincinnati -14 OU Is there any way that anyone would bet on an OU game right now?  Out of all the games on the board, OU games have to have the least amount of money on them right? You don't even know what team you are betting on as you take them. Well, I'll guess that OU shows up this week. Quite a strategy huh?
N Mexico St @ Kansas -23 NMSt Jesus. OK...actually Kansas games have to have the least amount of total money bet on them. In 3 games Kansas has scored 3, 28, and 16 points... I'll take the 23 and assume that Kansas can't put up the points to cover.
Baylor @ Rice -7.5 Baylor The real battle for Texas supremacy. This is the easiest Big XII game on the board IMO. Sure Baylor just got waxed last week, but so did Rice... and by a much worse opponent. This line has moved 2.5 points in Rice's direction since it opened too. Not sure what people are seeing in the Owls to think Baylor won't religiously put it to them. Yes, religiously.
UNI @ Iowa State -- no line - FCS. Get a real schedule Iowa State. Play some Tulsa.
S Dakota @ Nebraska -- no line - FCS  Get a real schedule Nebraska. Play some Wash St.