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What Would be More Shocking Than A Cougars Win in Stillwater?

Let's get warmed up for this game by being a bunch of internet dicks.  Given the unlikely-ness-hood of a Cowboy loss this weekend (according to oddsmakers and junk), let's put the long-shot into perspective by listing the few things that would actually be MORE shocking than the Cougars pulling off "The Miracle in Stilly". (Don't get to offended Wash St fans... we remember what it was like to be in your shoes.)

Here is my quick list of things that would shock me more than a Cougs win:

  • Mike Gundy going 3 weeks without a haircut.
  • T Boone flying coach
  • Getting 10+ comments on this post (not including mine)
  • Not hearing someone complain about the weather on Saturday (Oklahomans are weather complainers.. ask The Lost Ogle)

What else would be more shocking than the Miracle in Stilly?