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Oklahoma State Links and Notes: 9/3/2010


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of mostly Oklahoma State links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku. 

One link goes on the front page because I actually wrote some stuff about it.  That's all it takes to hit the front page around here.

Orange-circle_medium 2010 Football Season Predictions! - Bring On The Cats
As if we needed it, more proof that every fanbase comes out of fall practices just as optimistic as we do.  I'm not saying any of their predictions are incorrect... but I must chuckle at the wide margin of difference in the perception of K-State and O-State within the respective fanbases. When I made my predictions here, I said OSU would drop a trap game either @ULL, @KS, or @KSU against a team we should be much better than, and the comments section pretty universally disagreed with me.... and rightly so.  We see ourselves as a much better team than a Kansas State.  Yet over there, they look at the Oklahoma State game as a winnable game.  The two sides couldn't be much further apart in their perceptions of their own team and their 10/30 opponent.  I just find the universal fanbase optimism across all schools and fans to be remarkable in college football... and honestly it's one of the things that makes the game so damn entertaining to follow.


Orange-circle_medium Sports Extra - Blogs - OSU | Tulsa World
The Intro Video/Song question still remains unanswered.

Orange-circle_medium OSU ticket-sales pace trails 2009 record figure | Tulsa World
Looks like we are on track to come in just below last seasons season ticket numbers.

Orange-circle_medium Cowboy Basketball Walk-on Tryouts Set - OKLAHOMA STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Orange-circle_medium The Tailgater's Guide to Cougar Football: Week One - CougCenter


Orange-circle_medium Week 1 BTBS Picks - Rock M Nation
Stat crush Bill C. runs all the week 1 games through his F+/- machine and makes picks against the spread. Oklahoma State falls into the LOCK category with a projected 39 point win.



Orange-circle_medium FOOTBALL SEASON IS OVER. FOOTBALL SEASON HAS BEGUN. - Every Day Should Be Saturday
1. If you don't already read Spencer Hall over at EDSBS, you are the dumbest person ever.
2. This is one of the finest works he has ever put together IMO.

Orange-circle_medium Understanding College Football Officiating - The Crew And Their Keys - Corn Nation

Orange-circle_medium I have found that, like us, a lot of other SB Nation blogs are trying their hand at the podcasting.  I am a big fan of this medium when it is done correctly, so I figured I could link to a few that I have listened to recently.