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Oklahoma State Offense Predictions

Well, since no one is completely sure how the the scheme will work and which WR's will get the catches, I figured I might as well throw some guesses out here so that if I'm right I can refer back to my stud-prediction skills.  And if I am somehow wrong, then of course this post will mysteriously disappear.

I think the main two unknowns about the offense are what the run/pass balance will be, and how the passes will be distributed. Here are my guesses as to what will happen tomorrow, along with some half-ass explanations.

Run/Pass Balance
I am going to go with 60% pass / 40% run.

I get that Tech and Houston were closer to a 70/30, but I think Dana has too big of a boner for #24, and will want to get him some handoffs, not just screens and such. Exhibit A (3:40-ish of this video)

On top of that... we need to prove that this line can get some forward push, that the WR can block downfield, and that Kendall is still Kendall.
Note: that video also has that sick Blackmon catch and run from the spring game at the 2:00 mark.

Reception Distribution
Who the F knows.  This prediction is very much a guess, but my guesses are as good as most peoples poorly thought out guesses... which really isn't a compliment.  Anyway, here is my catch count guess:

Cooper:  7
Moore:  4
Blackmon:  4
Hunter:  3
Bowling:  3
Chelf:  3
Anderson:  2
Smith:  2
Horton:  1
And I am sure I am forgetting someone:  1

How incorrect am I?