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Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State Game Thread

Here we go. Tonight the Cowboys open conference play in front of a nationwide audience on ESPN*. This is your gamethread. The three writers of this site will be in the data/cell service hole that is Boone Pickens Stadium, but this gamethread will be open for anyone who is watching on TV, or, for those that time-traveled from pre-1980, listening to it on the radio. Leave your thoughts, insights, frustrations, or anything else you feel like sharing.

*Unbelievable stat of the day: A&M has lost 9 straight televised games. NINE!!!!

Now let's go watch The Machete and Chinasa force Jerrod Johnson to make Jerrod Johnson decisions (aka: terrible ones), while Mr. Hunter, The Million Dollar Man Brandon Weeden, and Justin Blackmon wear out that "improved" Aggie defense.

Ride! Ride! Ride! Ride!