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Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State: 5 things to watch

Von Miller

All I hear is that this guy is a beast but he didn’t have a single sack against OSU last year and doesn’t have a single sack against anyone this year. He’s either overrated, or a sleeping giant. We’ll see…


Kendall Hunter

Hunter was quiet against Tulsa but that’s because he wasn’t needed. He’ll be hungry for some action tonight and Dana will feed him. I expect him to put on a show that is close to 30 carries for 200 yards and 3 TD’s.


Jerrod Johnson


Much like Von, much has been made about Jerrod Johnson and much like Von, he hasn’t done a whole lot this year. Word is he’s either nursing a shoulder injury or adjusting his throwing style from surgery. Either way, he’s not playing like a preseason QB of the conference that some people thought he would be


The Cowboy D


The first team defense has been a nice surprise this year but they really haven’t been tested.  Jerrod Johnson seems to just throw the ball away when he’s pressured so Richetti and Ugo could have a huge impact coming off the ends. I expect the defense to play a large role tonight.


Mike Gundy vs. Mike Sherman


There was a point in time where this game would be a complete toss-up. I don’t think that is the case anymore. OSU is the favorite and that is because of head coach Mike Gundy. Gundy wins games that he’s supposed to win and this is another one of them. Sherman on the other hand has struggled to get A&M back to the promise land of the late 90’s. A loss will not be good for either coach at this point, even with it being this early in the season.