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Oklahoma State vs Washington State Game Thread

Well gameday is here, and all the previews, projections, and predictions (the three P's) that we have put out over the past few months are officially worthless. Yes... even more worthless than they were when you read them. Today we finally get to quit talking in all hypotheticals.

This is the OFFICIAL Cowboys Ride For Free Game Thread for the Week 1 matchup with the Cougars. For those that are new to the site (ie. everyone), the comments sections auto-refresh constantly so the comments just stream the entire time the game thread is open. Prior labor day weekend plans have me at the lake, and away from Stilly, so I will be watching on TV and in here commenting... Cincy will be in Stilly and keeping a live count of the number of Grillaronis he puts down.

So whether you are at home, in a bar, or at the game... come on in and join us in the comments section, and let's talk ourselves into an undefeated season.