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Well, last night was fun wasn't it? First I would like to say good game to Washington State. Every Cougar fan I met was pretty cool, and their team looks like it has a chance to win a few games. Anyhow, on to this week. Boone Pickens Stadium welcomes the Troy Trojans this week, in what should prove to be a decent test of our team so far. Now, I have predicted us walking all over them, but out of all our non-confrence opponents they scare me the most. Everyone has tried to forget that wet night several years ago. What has Troy done since then? Only win at least a share of the last 4 Sun Belt Conference championships, including the last two in a row outright, and a January bowl this last year (GMAC). So are they scared of OSU? Hell no. Numbers after the jump

First, Troys coach, if you dont know, is Larry Blakeney, who has compiled a 153-75-1 record during his 20 years at Troy. This man knows how to win. Now, for this one, I will be using a composite of last years number and this years numbers, I believe ours to be a little bit bloated, but Troy was in a throw down with Bowling Green, winning on a 35 yard field goal with 7 seconds left (no 56 yard'r, but did get a win). I guess I'll start with quarterbacks.



The Million Dollar Man came through last night. Brandon Weeden went 22 of 30 for 218 yards, 3 TD's, and zero int's (though I believe WSU dropped at least two). That gives him an insane 167.4 quarterback rating (if anyone knows what the hell that means please tell me). Needless to say, it was a big day for him, answering several questions about how he could handle our offense. His stats would have been better, but early on there were several dropped balls. My grade, A- (Great game, a couple questionable decisions).

Troy's signal caller is 6'0" 209 lb redshirt freshman Corey Robinson. In his first game for the Trojans, Robinson went 25 of 37 for 252 yards, 1 TD, and 2 int's. Before college he was Mr. Football Kentucky his senior year, slinging the ball for 91 td's, 5,872 yards, and only 4 int's. This kid can throw, but he doesn't have a lot of experience at this level. My grade, B-/C+ (tons of promise, very little experience).


Receivers up next, I'm thinkin I'll start with the Poke's. First, Justin Blackmon is a fucking stud. I can't imagine the P that came his way last night. Well I can, actually, basically the baddest P on campus, shit you will remember on your death bed. Anyhow, Blackmon had 8 receptions for 125 yards and 3 td's, and another td on special teams. He was a monster last night. Beyond Blackmon, nobody really stood out. Josh Cooper had 5 grabs for 31 yards, Bo Bowling and Tracey Moore had 3 a piece, Kendal Hunter had 3 grabs for a goose egg, and 5 others had a snack a piece. While it is good we got so many receivers involved, we need at least two more to step up. My money is on Cooper and Moore, but we will see. We also need to find a better way to get Kendall the ball in space, but the way he rushed that may not matter. My grade, A, with just a tad towards the plus side. (Need more big time receivers)

For Troy, they had a lot of receivers involved also. Juco transfer RS-Senior Tebiarus Gill had six snacks for 68 yards against Bowling Greene. Gill will be a player to keep and eye on. He was a third team all Sun Belt pick by Phil Steele last year, and was a coaches honorable mention. Last year he led the team in TD grabs with 6, and was second on the team in receptions and yards. Also with 6 grabs is two time first team all conference senior Jerell Jernigan. He is going to be hell to cover. Tons of experience, big play ability, and general badass. He only had 48 yards against the Falcons, but that shouldn't fool you. He's 557 yards away from being Troy's all time leading receiver, he averages 103.8 yards receiving in conference play, hell I could go on for a while, but his school bio page says it all. Kid is a freak, but a tad smallish at 5'9" 190 lbs, so he should command two guys most of the time. Beyond that the condoms got 9 other receivers involved, 5 having multiple catches, and are an experienced bunch. My grade, A.

Running Backs and Badasses

First, the badasses. Actually, just one badass, its time for some Kendall Hunter knob polishing. I don't have to say anything, but I will. First, Kendall is Kendall again. This is the form we were all hoping to see last year. 21 touches, 257 yards, 4 td's, a 12.2 yard per carry average, and the only man in Stillwater to get better ass that Blackmon. He could have had me last night if he wanted it. Shit, if he does half this every game the rest of the year we will dominate fool's. I just blew my Kendall load there, and feel much better. Joseph Randall and Jeremy Smith both had 10 carry's, Smith got a TD and 17 yards, Randall had 36 yards, but it was the Kendall Hunter show and Dana Holgerson knew it. I wonder if he went home and pounded his wife while thinking of that 66 yard run Kendall had. I did. My grade, A superfuckingbadass ++

Troy's rushing corp involved 6 different players who combined for 210 yards and 2 td's. A good effort, but not Kendall Hunter. They were lead by sophomore Shawn Southward, who had 14 rushes for 78 yards and 1 TD. Southward was named Sun Belt Conference freshman of the year last year, averaged 5.2 yards per carry, and totaled 602 yards, leading the Trojans. He is small and fast, and could be a test for our linebackers, though I believe WSU's Montgomery is a better back, and he didn't do jack shit yesterday. Following Southward is, guess who, Jerell Jernigan. Is there anything this dude can't do? Jernigan had 5 touches for 58 yards and a score. Fuck, this kid is good. I really think he will be a problem, but if he's the only one we will be okay. After that there is really nobody outstanding, though some promising young guys backing Southward and Jernigan up. My grade, C.

Offensive Line:

First, nobody's offensive line is as bad as WSU's, so don't expect that. And yesterday was a "good" day for them. Troy's line gave up 3 sacks against Bowling Greene, while our line gave up 2. 

At left guard for Troy is senior Tyler Clark, a 277 pound former walk on, who started all 13 games the past two seasons, graded at 85% or better in the last 9 games last season, had 10 knockdown blocks in one game against Florida Atlantic, and only allowed a half sack all season. He's tough, undersized, and busted his ass to get where he is. Do not expect him to be intimidated against anyone. 299 pound freshman Tyler Graves spent one year redshirting at Florida State before leaving after he was involved in the online class scandal, struggled early but graded 90% or better in his final three games. He has played primarily right guard, but also spent time at right tackle. At left tackle is BIg Hoss, 337 pound James Brown (Now, I know what your thinking, fucking awesome name right? Indeed, but is it best on the team? No. That honor belongs to current redshirt O lineman Lance Gunn. That, my friends, is a pussy slayer name) "Big Game James" (no one calls him that, I just wanted to type that once) led the team with 66 knockdown blocks, including 13 against Florida Atlantic. He also, however. led the team with 9 penalties and 3.5 sacks allowed. But, its safe to say, for Troy, LEFT SIDE=STRONG SIDE. My grade, A.

Oklahoma State is in a semi rebuilding year along the line, but you already know this. The biggest departure is Rusell Okung, but again you know this. What you want to know is how did our line play yesterday? Well, pretty well, Weeden had all day to find a reciever, but they did give up two sacks, mostly coverage sacks in my opinion. Replacing Okung is Nick Marteniz, 317 pounds, who saw tons of time on special teams last year, and had 18 plays from scrimmage against Grambling last year. At right tackle is 318 pound Levy Adcock. Not much info available on him, played on special teams, also got 18 snaps against Grambling. At center is 290 pound Grant Garner. Garner played 21 snaps against Grambling, and redshirted in 2008. According to Rivals and Robert Allen, coaches are very high on Garner, calling him "an intelligent player". As long as that means "super badass" I dont care. Overall, we are inexperienced on the line. Several former special teams players, who were waiting on the seniors to leave. Hopefully, by the A&M game they will have their shit together, though they didn't look bad against WSU. Overall the line did well, only allowing two sacks, mostly giving Weeden tons of time, and opening holes that Kendall Hunter penetrated again and again. My grade, a solid B+ (would be A- but two sacks is no bueno).


Kendall Hunter is a freaking freak, who has another chance to pad those stats next week against Troy, but nobody should expect a push over. Troy is an experienced team that knows how to win, and does alot of it. Covering Jernigan is of utmost importance, as is getting pressure on Robinson. What do I expect to happen? Well, in my game pod Troy is a lock, but that doesn't mean easy. I expect a tight game through the first half. with lots of scoring. Then, as our players are walking to the locker room at half time, they will look at the student section, see all the tail, and get ready to kick ass and earn it. Being in the friendly confines of the Boone bowl doesn't hurt either. Also some jazz about our size and depth taking over in the second half, and I expect to pull away in the third quarter and cruise from there. Final score, 45-24 OSU, in a game that looks closer on paper that it will be. 

I'll try to get to the defense tomorrow, but it may be later. Depends on my homework/drinking schedule.


KENDAL FOR HEISMAN!! (And most vagina pounded this year, though a close race with Blackmon) You heard it here first.

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