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2009 Cowboys in the NFL: Keith Toston Lands a Spot with the Rams

Well NFL rosters had to be cut down to their regular season level of 53 guys over the weekend.  So let's take a quick look at the where everyone ended up with an update of there 2009 Cowboys in the NFL table I initially put together a few weeks ago.


Player Team Links/Recent News
Russell Okung Seattle
Lots of conflicting reports as to whether he will be ready for week 1.
Dez Bryant Dallas Will be playing Week 1
Perrish Cox Denver According to Denver Post, Cox is the top backup corner and will be returning some kicks.
Zac Robinson NE After being cut by the Patriots, Z-Rob was immediately picked up by Seattle and looks to be headed to the practice squad.
Brady Bond San Diego After having a fairly impressive pre-season, Bond was cut by the Chargers.
Keith Toston St Louis  Toston was kept on the 53 man roster for the Rams. Congrats Keith, welcome to the NFL. (I am pretty sure I do not have the clout to be welcoming people to the NFL) Quote from The Telegraph.

Keith Toston, an all-conference running back at Oklahoma State, pushed Ogbonnaya out the door and joins third-year vet Kenneth Darby as Steven Jackson’s backup.

"Coming in as a free agent, having a big opportunity to make a team, you put it all on the line," Toston said following Thursday’s final preseason game — a 27-21 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. "I feel like I did that."

Noah Franklin Detroit
After being cut by Carolina he was picked up by Detroit.. now he has been cut by Detroit. Quit jerking Noah Franklin around NFL!
Andrew Lewis KC Cut by the Chiefs
Swanson Miller Cleveland Waived by the Browns.
Andrew Mitchell Cincinnati Waived by the Bengals