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What Should We Call the New Three-Back Formation?

As was mentioned in one of the Washington State games notes posts, we are all pretty excited by the new three-back, sorta inverse-wishbone shotgun formation that was unveiled on Saturday. This one:


It is Dana's version of a "max protect" utilizing 2 fullbacks in place of tight ends. It is a sick formation as you can pretty much run anything out of it. The only limitation is that there are only 2 WR's on the field, but as we know, Dana is not shy about getting the RB's involved in the passing game.

So we all love the formation right? Good. Now it needs a name. I noticed in a DOK article they called it the "Diamond" formation, however I can't find any video or print of anyone else calling it this, so I have to assume that the DOK is trying to name it. And if that is the case, the name "Diamond", while great for strippers, does not excite any of us, or strike fear into opponents. In the comments section yesterday we threw around a few alternative names, but never really decided on anything definite... and with something this important, we need to be definitive.

So to settle this thing, let's take it to the polls and the comment section. If you like any of the poll options, vote for it... if you have a better idea, leave it in the comments and if it is mind-blowing, ball-rattling, face-ripping, or any other descriptive term that is in noun dash present participle format, we will immediately veto the results of the poll and nominate the better suggestion.