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Week 2 BlogPoll Ballot

After discussing the BlogPoll this morning, we decided that the pure resume ranking system is a little too obscure. (For example, how do you value Penn St's 44-14 win over Youngstown State versus how you value Auburn's 52-26 win over Arkansas St.  Is one win better than the other? Are both wins meaningless?) So we decided that we needed to go with a little more of the tradition ranking system of taking a teams previous ranking, then sliding them up or down depending on performance, however we are going to reward and punish teams much more harshly than the traditional polls do.

Our Week 2 ballot is below (we are really mid-major horny in it), and as I mentioned with the week 1 poll, we can update through Wednesday so please offer your opinions and such.

I am running a little short on time this morning (I'm so important and busy) or I would have more explanation of the rankings in here.  I will try to get something up later, but for now I wanted to get the poll up and get some discussion going before the deadline to update hits.