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Cowboys Ride For Free Podcast #2

True to our word for once, we are back with another podcast.  It is CincyJoe and myself again talking Oklahoma State football and Oklahoma State football.  A lot of variety in there. This one we had to record during the day yesterday while we were both at work, which was kind of a bitch, but ended up providing my favorite moment in CRFF's storied podcast history.  At about the 11:00 mark a co-worker walks into my office to ask me a question and I proceed to give him a short, terse answer then bitch about him to the podcast.  The level of annoyance in my voice is so great, there was no way I could edit it out.  Here is the rest of what we talk about:

  • The beginning is where the intro song should be, but I didn't get around to it last night cause of a fantasy draft (remember fantasy football?)... hopefully next week.
  • Reactions to the Washington State game
  • Some stuff about Troy and what they bring
  • Predictions
  • Some meandering conversation about Kendall and how ready we are for the A&M game
  • Where the outro song should be

Use the embedded player below, or if you want to download the mp3, click here.