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Are the Troy Trojans really a dangerous team?

A lot has been made about the Troy Trojans as a dangerous mid-major opponent, but  most of that stems from two wins.

In 2004, Troy beat Missouri at home and in 2007, the Trojans kicked the shit out of Oklahoma State 41-23, again at home.  But is that really scary?

The 2004 Missouri Tigers came with a lot of hype at #18, but that team finished 5-6 overall and 2-6 in Big 12 play. 2007 was really the beginning of the new era of Cowboy Football.  Zac Robinson made his first start at Troy and the up and down season ended with a bowl victory against Indiana.

In the last 5 years, Troy has played 14 teams from major conferences. They are 1-13 in those contests.

L @ Florida 6-56
L @ Arkansas 20-56

L @ Ohio State 10-28
L @ Oklahoma State 24-55
L @ LSU 31-40

L @ Arkansas 26-46
L@ Florida 31-59
W Oklahoma State 41-21
L @ Georgia 34-44

L @ Florida State 17-24
L @ Georgia Tech 20-35
L @ Nebraska 0-56

L @ Missouri 21-52
L @ South Carolina 20-45

So is Troy really a dangerous team? On the road, I would say absolutely not. At home against an overrated or young team? Yes.

Since neither of these scenarios apply, I fully expect an ass whooping in Stillwater this weekend. 

* They should have won some kind of award for this schedule