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Oklahoma State Week 2 Depth Chart

This was actually released a couple of days ago, but I forgot to mention it then, so take it now. Week 2 depth chart and some quick analysis after the jump.

Changes from the previous week are bolded.

Offense     Defense  
LT Nick Martinez   DE Richetti Jones
  Parker Graham     Jamie Blatnick
LG Jonathon Rush   DT Chris Donaldson
  Brandon Webb     Anthony Rogers
C Grant Garner   DT Nigel Nicholas
  Evan Epstein     Davidell Collins
RG Lane Taylor   DE Ugo Chinasa
  Anthony Morgan     Darius Hart
RT Levi Adcock   SLB James Thomas
  Daniel Koenig     Shaun Lewis
WR Colton Chelf   MLB Orie Lemon
  Bo Bowling     Tyler Johnson
IR Josh Cooper   WLB Justin Gent
  Michael Harrison     LeRon Furr
IR Tracy Moore   CB Andrew McGee
  Justin Horton     Justin Gilbert
WR Justin Blackmon   SS Markelle Martin
  Isaiah Anderson     Deion Imade
FR Bryant Ward   FS Johnny Thomas
  David Paulsen     Victor Johnson
RB Kendall Hunter   CB Broderick Brown
  Jeremy Smith     Devin Hedgepeth
  Joseph Randle      
QB Brandon Weeden      
  Clint Chelf      
  Johnny Deaton    


The Changes
Colton Chelf and Bo Bowling switched places, Michael Harrison replaces Anthony Hill, and Clint Chelf and Johnny Deaton switched places. Nothing really earth shattering here.  Probably the most interesting move is the Chelf, Bowling switch, but with as much as the WRs were rotating last week, the starting position nod is more of an ego boost than anything.  Dana (we are on a first name basis) is going to put the hot hand on the field.

Nigel Nicholas gets the start for the injured Shane Jarka at DT. Davidell Collins is tagged as the backup with Anthony Rogers probably getting some time here as well.  Collins was someone Young was not expecting to have to use until later in the season when he had more time to develop... but when you suffer an injury at an already shallow position, you need bodies.
The other change is in the secondary where for some reason Justin Gilbert and Devin Hedgepeth switched places.  They are both still in a #2 role, but just flipped who they were backing up.  I'm pretty sure Young is just effing with us here.