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Lucky Number 13

Well in case you missed it last night Auburn beat Oregon in a crazy game of unconventional scoring that included a safety and two 2 point conversions. The MVP of this game however was the referee's first because of the absolute crushing screen the back judge layed on a Auburn corner across the middle. He needed to flag hims for blowing up a defenseless player like that. The second for not calling Dyer down on that bizarre run late in the 4th. That was a pretty impressive call on the field and shows why you play until the whistle. Well with the season officially being over it's time to announce the winner of the CRFF new car give away! So who had the Pokes winning 11 games, a share of the Big 12 south title, and finishing ranked #13 in the final AP Poll? Anyone? Well it looks like unfortunately we will have to keep the Brand new... Preowned 1993 Ford Taurus we were going to give away.

The final BCS isn't out yet but this is the highest final ranking for OSU since The 1988 season(Ques music and releases Doves). Tulsa world has a story up about this being the first time all 3 major Oklahoma schools finished in the final top 25 rankings. I only bring this up to further point out that OSU's abosutelty cruel and unusal punishment of Tulsa earlier in the season is a much bigger win than people gave credit for. This fact alone is one of the biggest points to CRFF's position that every team OSU played this year was considered a solid team until they were dismantled. Then it was apparent said team was over rated and OSU was still yet to play anyone. We will put up a end of season recap after all the polls come in but I just wanted to quickly touch on how special this season was.