Oklahoma State Wrestling Ties Iowa


So um, I don't know much about wrestling, and as such don't really cover it here. But Cincy and I were at the match yesterday, and it was a great crowd, and I was entertained, and it was broadcast on ESPNU, so I figured we should have something up about it. Thankfully, BHGP did all the dirty work for me and actually wrote something informative, sparing me the task of writing things like "Dallas Bailey performed some nice taint-tearing splits maneuvers", and "one dude was on the other one and points were scored"... or as I call it, "wrestling analysis". Anyway, enjoy the writeup over at BHGP, even if it is Iowa focused. If anyone wants to read the Oklahoma State point of view, probably your best bet is to write it yourself in the fanposts and I'll promote it to the front page.

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