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Top Searches that led to CRFF

Every once in a while I go through and look at the search engine keywords that landed poor souls at our Blog. Most of them make perfect sense such as "Oklahoma State" or "OSU vs Colorado". Others however are often wierd, funny, or somewhat disturbing. Here is a list of some gems I have run across lately. More after the Jump.

  • Pro Cheerleader Slipping out - Sam has promised us these pics for a while now and hasnt delivered
  • Hottest Student - Cincy's profile page gets hundreds of hits from this search despite him not being a student.
  • Nerd - That's just mean.
  • No Sir Fuck you - Not Sure how this one came to be but I do agree with the statement.
  • Bullshit - This one is not surprising, we have a lot of that here.
  • Byron Eaton Japan - Is Eaton going to be guarding Lucas?
  • Stillwater Oklahoma Girl - Someone decided they were going to try to find the girl they had that fling with the other night. I guess they only remembered the general area they were in.
  • Iowa State Cheerleaders - Thus proving we are still the number one source of ISU athletics.
  • Robbie Rave Straw - No idea
  • Fuck Off Big Bear - Yea! You know who you are.
  • Tulsa Pussy - This guy wins the award for most disappointed of what their search led them too.
  • And the winner is...


  • Defend the Cowboys base without letting the Indians get in. - Yea ill let you absorb that in for a second. I'm not sure what the user was after with that search. Maybe it was a 7 year old searching for strategies on winning "Cowboys and Indians". All I know is that if you thought any of these where made up that last one proves that I am in no way creative enough to make this shit up.