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Iowa St. Cyclones at Oklahoma St. Cowboys Gamethread

Won't you join us for this magical event? I think you should. Crack a beer, put on your orange shirt, and flip off the wife/kid/whatever because they want to watch Glee or whatever piece of crap show that interferes. How dare they even think of trying to change the channel? Do they not understand that there is a certain amount of bitching that has to take place in order to hit the OSU fandom quota? How is that bitching going to take place if we cannot watch Matt Pilgrim commit a senseless foul, the refs call a senseless foul, or both at the same time? Come on! And the best part is sharing that pent penned fuck it, pent up frustration with fellow OSU fans. So like I said, join us...or wear a skirt, some makeup, and watch stupid kids butcher Bon Jovi songs--is it even possible to butcher a Bon Jovi song?