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Oklahoma State, Iowa State Overtime Thriller Thread

Wow.  The Pokes came through when it was needed, and the Cyclones gave them a little help at the right times to allow the Cowboys to eventually win this thing in overtime. I am still not sure whether to label this as "The JPO Game", or "The Roger Franklin Game", but both of those guys had spectacular nights in leading the Cowboys to a 96-87 win that felt more like a 12 point loss for most of the night.  The Cowboys showed heart, will, balls, and balls (and BALLS!) in their comeback and showed us a spark that has been missing all season. Of course there is the flip side which is that it took a monumental comeback and overtime at home to beat a team that has a season goal of making the NIT.  Tomato/Tomato. Olukemi/Olukeeeeemi.

We will have a full blown recap up later, but for now leave your thoughts in the comments.