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Where will Oklahoma State Basketball's Seven Remaining Victories Come From?: The Results

This post is the results of the previous post's, questionnaire thingy.

The results are in, and it looks like there is a consensus on how OSU will get 5 of their hypothetical 7 remaining victories. We think the Pokes most likely wins will be taking out the Red Raiders in Lubbock (95%), then OU at home (93%), then finishing the season on a three game winning streak by taking out Tech at home (98%), Baylor at home (84%), and OU in Norman (88%).  After that, most of us think the next most likely is a road win @ Nebraska (79%) for conference win #8, then we are almost perfectly divided on who win #9 will come against.  A little over half of the 171 people that voted think Missouri at home is the next most likely victory (51%), while a few more think A&M at home could be the one (53%).

Here are all the results:

Schedule Votes Percentage
Texas 24 14.0%
@TexasTech 162 94.7%
Missouri 87 50.9%
Oklahoma 159 93.0%
@Nebraska 135 78.9%
@Texas 5 2.9%
TexasA&M 90 52.6%
@Kansas 4 2.3%
TexasTech 168 98.2%
Baylor 144 84.2%
@Oklahoma 150 87.7%

Extra "God Bless Ya" points go to the four people that think a win at Kansas and at Texas, is more likely than at least four other games on the schedule.