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Oklahoma State Plus/Minus for All Non-Conference Play

So I haven't posted the Plus/Minus for the last couple of games (my schedule has just been so full with having to come up with "JW Walsh gets laid" jokes and all), but I have actually calculated the last couple Plus/Minus's, and went ahead and rolled them up to the more useful level of the entire season.  Below is the roll up of the entire non-conference schedule's worth of Plus/Minus for every 5-man lineup we have.  I only posted the top 12 by minutes played so the table didn't go on forever.   For an explanation of Plus/Minus, check out this post.

Lineup Minutes +/-
D Williams, Moses, Olukemi, Brown, Page 31:04 23
Pilgrim, Moses, Sidorakis, Penn, Page 79:48 14
D Williams, Moses, Sidorakis, Penn, Page 31:11 14
D Williams, Moses, Page, Olukemi, Penn 45:48 11
Pilgrim, Moses, Page, Olukemi, Penn 22:56 6
D Williams, Moses, Page, Sidorakis, Gulley 25:28 5
Pilgrim, Moses, Sidorakis, Olukemi, Page 14:35 5
Pilgrim, D Williams, Olukemi, Page, Penn 24:41 4
Pilgrim, Moses, Brown, Penn, Page 24:19 1
Pilgrim, Moses, Olukemi, Brown, Penn 13:20 -2
Pilgrim, Moses, Olukemi, Brown, Page 16:27 -3
Moses, D Williams, Brown, Page, Penn 12:41 -15