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Bye Week Saturday Open Thread

If anyone wants to discuss today's actions, here's your spot to do so. Schedules and games of interest after the jump (so click it damnit)

12:00 PM ET No. 14 Texas A&M vs. No. 18 Arkansas
12:00 PM ET Minnesota at No. 19 Michigan
12:00 PM ET Northwestern at No. 24 Illinois
12:00 PM ET Mississippi State at Georgia
12:00 PM ET Penn State at Indiana
12:00 PM ET Rutgers at Syracuse
12:00 PM ET Toledo at Temple
12:00 PM ET Tulane at Army
12:00 PM ET Texas Tech at Kansas
12:00 PM ET Air Force at Navy
12:21 PM ET Kentucky at No. 1 LSU
12:30 PM ET Wake Forest at Boston College
12:30 PM ET Buffalo at Tennessee
1:00 PM ET Cincinnati at Miami (OH)
1:00 PM ET Akron at Eastern Michigan
2:00 PM ET Kent State at Ohio
2:30 PM ET Nevada at No. 4 Boise State
3:30 PM ET Auburn at No. 10 South Carolina
3:30 PM ET No. 15 Baylor at Kansas State
3:30 PM ET Southern Methodist at No. 20 TCU
3:30 PM ET No. 21 Georgia Tech at North Carolina State
3:30 PM ET Bowling Green at No. 22 West Virginia
3:30 PM ET Arizona at USC
3:30 PM ET Washington State at Colorado
3:30 PM ET Western Michigan at Connecticut
3:30 PM ET Marshall at Louisville
3:30 PM ET Towson at Maryland
3:30 PM ET Michigan State at Ohio State
3:30 PM ET Idaho at Virginia
3:30 PM ET Northern Illinois at Central Michigan

3:30 PM ET Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL)

4:00 PM ET San Jose State at Colorado State

4:00 PM ET Arkansas State at Western Kentucky
6:00 PM ET No. 13 Clemson at No. 11 Virginia Tech
7:00 PM ET Ball State at No. 2 Oklahoma
7:00 PM ET No. 17 Texas at Iowa State
7:00 PM ET North Texas at Tulsa
7:00 PM ET Washington at Utah
7:00 PM ET Florida Atlantic at Louisiana-Lafayette
7:00 PM ET Duke at Florida International
7:00 PM ET Hawaii at Louisiana Tech
7:00 PM ET Memphis at Middle Tennessee
7:00 PM ET UAB at Troy
7:30 PM ET Rice at Southern Miss
8:00 PM ET No. 3 Alabama at No. 12 Florida
8:00 PM ET No. 8 Nebraska at No. 7 Wisconsin
8:00 PM ET North Carolina at East Carolina
8:00 PM ET New Mexico State at New Mexico
8:00 PM ET Notre Dame at Purdue
9:15 PM ET Ole Miss at Fresno State
10:30 PM ET UCLA at No. 6 Stanford
10:30 PM ET Oregon State at No. 25 Arizona State

What am I watching today? Well, I'll be keeping tabs on A&M/Arkansas, Baylor/KSU, Auburn/USC(e),and then later I'll be switching between Bama/Florida and Wisconsin/Nebraska. Yup, I just named every big game today.

Go Pokes