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Oklahoma State vs. Kansas: So This Is What 70 Feels Like

**Before I get into the recap, I need to apologize for the lack of Picks From Joes this week, but I have a good reason- I was really drunk and forgot. How drunk you ask? Well, I woke up Saturday in the ER of the Stillwater hospital, covered in blood. That's a trip right there, but after a few minutes I ascertained that it was not my blood, but the blood of a friend who tried to break a beer bottle over his head. He failed, but he did gash his scalp. The power of the limeys, respect it my friends, because if you don't dumb shit happens.**

Kansas, Kansas, Kansas, what can I say? Sorry, maybe? But I'm not, I'm really, really not. This was the kind of beat down I've been waiting for. This is what I was hoping to see against ULL, or Tulsa, but now I've seen it. The only complaint I had was the opening Kansas drive, when we let them go down the field and score. It's really hard to complain about a 42 point victory, (and even harder to complain when the starters get pulled before halftime, and the backups get tons of quality snaps).

Click on the jump, and we'll try and get some quick analysis

This is going to be extremely quick, and probably bad, but hey, it's something

In the first half we had 8 possessions, and every possession resulted in a touchdown.

Brandon Weeden broke the Oklahoma State completion percentage record, going 24 of 28, a record previously held by Zac Robinson.

Eight different Cowboys scored touchdowns against the Jayhawks.

Weeden and Clint Chelf became the first duo at OSU to both pass for over 200 yards in one game.

Jeremy Smith now has a rushing TD in 9 straight games.

Whitemon has now caught at least one pass in 22 straight games.

Boone Pickens Stadium held 58,030 crazed Poke fans, the second largest crowd in its history.

Quick Analysis: Everything worked, and I mean everything. The starters scored every time they touched the ball. The D only gave up 181 yards in the first half, and only 463 total (but, 200 of those came on the last 3 KU drives, against our third string. They had two drives of 80 and one of 29, so really only 274 against the two deep).

Is their anything else? Really, this was a beating, in every sense of the word. Our backups now have good snaps, our starters now have rest going into Austin, and we probably helped get a coach fired (if OU gets rowdy, that will probably do it).

We will (hopefully) have much more up this week as we head into Texas, but until then,

Go Pokes