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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Texas

After last weekend's slaughter of the Jayhawks, OSU now moves on to the scapegoat for all things related to conference realignment: The Texas Longhorns. Texas is in a bit of a situation here. Actually, they're not really sure which reality they exist in.

For four games of the season, they were eating snacks with Natalie Portman. Or at least they thought they were. Everything was great--and then OU came along. All of a sudden, they were smacked upside the head and things started getting really blurry. Natalie Portman didn't look like Natalie Portman anymore. She now started to resemble...John Mackovic (look it up)!

"Oh God, NO! Which reality is it?!" the Longhorns screamed. "I can't possibly go back to the 90's! I just now threw away all my Cranberries CDs!" 

And that brings us up to speed. This weekend's game is kind of a measuring stick for what type of team the Longhorns really have this year.

It is also a measuring stick for OSU in whether or not they can handle the hype. All this week, the Pokes have been receiving a bevy of national media attention. Will they be able to walk into Austin with level heads and focus on the task in front of them? Let's hope so.

Back to the hilarium, our Prediction of the Week winner for last week is GetAGrip340. With statements that include "nom noms" and the "Check out my hill" pick up line, how could these predictions not win?

Submit your predictions for this weekend's game after the jump!

1. Final Score?

2. How many mentions and blatant campaign ads for The Longhorn Network?

3. How many trick plays will Texas try to run?

4. If Gundy had a second dance move, what would it be?

5. How many total rushing yards for both teams?

6. If Texas loses this game, what will their final record be (not including a bowl game)?

7. Who commits more turnovers: David Ash or Case McCoy?

8. How many #W2B touchdowns?

9. Best pickup line to use on a Longhorn cheerleader?