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Are We Looking Past Missouri?

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Man, I can't wait for Bedlam!  Can you imagine what the hype will be with that game basically being a national semifinal.  Can Gameday somehow be at that game twice? It is going to be so amazing.

I know there are a few games between now and then, but I'm not even sure who they are against because my Bedlam boner is so huge it was actually blocking my vision of 90% of the schedule I was trying to read. I think we play Texas and Iowa State and Nebraska and probably Kansas or something... but whatevs ya'll... UNDEFEATED BEDLAM IS COMING! Only a month and a half away from insanity.  They will have to invent a new word to describe the frezied state surrounding this year's Bedlam game.... if only there was a word that meant something like "insane frenzied state" to represent Bedlam.


- All the local media that is predicting an OSU loss this week due to them overlooking Mizzou, yet can't stop talking, writing, re-naming, and dreaming about an undefeated Bedlam.