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Oklahoma State 45, Missouri 24 | Man's Win

That is about as solid of a win as any fan can want on the road, against that kind of an opponent, with the amount of injuries sustained to key players during the game.  There is plenty to dissect (and we will get to that with later recaps), but for now let's just call this what it was, a Man's Win.  The boxscore for this one will grow a mustache and slap on some brut.  A stronger, more skilled, and better overall group of men took care of an over-matched opponent in their own house, and we probably wont even call the next day to say we had a nice time.  Good to see that kind of W from the Pokes.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy the temporarily revamped CRFF logo in honor of the testicles that were displayed, then dropped, on Faurot Field earlier today.