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Big 12 Realignment: According to 3,000+ Sources, West Virginia is Comin

How about that footprint?

By now I am sure everyone has heard that Dana is comin back, and he is bringing all the mountain mama's with him. Hopefully the Comfort Suites still has his favorite room available and the Hard Rock has removed him from their black list.

The university did release a statement that there will be no press conference announcing the move today as had been rumored, but according to The Smoking Musket, there are only formalities left as the most reputable sources possible have all confirmed this move to be a fact.

Welcome to the MidWest/South Central West Virginia, now lets add some schools in between you and us to make this map a little prettier.

Oh, and go ahead and find some reasons to not trust Texas, hate OU's fans, make fun of Lubbock, forget Iowa State is in the conference, resent OSU's recent donations, love Dr Pepper, and have no feelings about the Kansas schools.