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Oklahoma State Gives Up 622 Yards in Terrible Performance

In what can only be described as a total disappointment, Oklahoma State surrendered 622 yards to Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears offense. Coming into the game, genius football minds like Robert Smith and Kirk Herbstreit warned us that this game could be a huge letdown for the Pokes, who have not been able to stop anyone from gaining yardage all season. I guess we should have listened to those that are so educated from their reading of total defense rankings.

The Bears did whatever they wanted in gaining all those yards. Their vaunted offense, lead by their Heisman candidate who never whines or fakes an injury to get a roughing the passer call, marching like the Patriots over a JV team on their way to 105 total plays, 38 and a half minutes of possession, 446 passing yards, all without ever calling their punter onto the field.

This Oklahoma State team was overwhelmed. "How can we continue to keep failing and giving up all these yards?" they must have been thinking. Why did we not listen to everyone who tried to tell us that a 100+ ranked total defense will continue to give up these kinds of yardage totals, especially to such a deadly dual-threat quarterback like RGIII.

We will have more in-depth analysis of this disaster over the next few days... for now, leave your thoughts and condolences in the comments.

Oh, and for those who are into more obscure stats, the disappointing Cowboys did win the game 59-24, and were up 49-3 entering the 4th when many of the starters were pulled. Of course, that is little consolation given the much more important gaudy yardage totals the Baylor offense put up.