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CRFF BlogPoll Ballot | Week 6, Can't ignore Clemson anymore

Methodology at end of post.

The tiers as of right now go like this:

The Undefeateds | 1-14
LSU retains the #1 spot, but Clemson can no longer sit in the middle of. 1 nice win could be a fluke, 2 is a hot streak, 3 means you are legitimate. After them, I had to respect Bama's dismantling of 2 nice teams 2 weeks in a row. Wisconsin is up next after making all of us smile by undressing the Huskers and their 20,000 strong in their first Big 10 awful-fest. The next 4 spots are the Big 12 block of teams that all have pretty similar resumes. I give Oklahoma State the nod for now as they have the strongest in conference win and because I am a raging homer.  Boise and Illinois each have one "decent" win, and the last 4 still haven't been tested.

The One Loss Teams | 15-TwentySuck
What is with the one-loss teams? Outside of Arkansas, Auburn, and ASU, they all either haven't played anyone, or their one loss came against the one decent team they played.  I don't have a whole lot of sensible reasons to rank most of them in the order they are in.  Feel free to take a look at all the one-loss teams and try to assign some order to them.  If you can, I will send you one pair of "Pete Was Here" panties.

The CRFF BlogPoll Methodology
There are a few steps we go through to break the teams into different tiers, then rank them within their tier.

Step 1: We rank all the teams from BCS-AQ conferences in order of record.  All undefeated teams go to the top, then the one loss teams, then the two loss teams, then... you know how counting works. So at no point - EVER - will any team be ranked above a team that has a better overall record.

Step 2: Non BCS-AQ teams can be dropped into each tier at CRFF's discretion. If we think Boise State is good enough to be in the undefeated tier with the BCS schools, they go in, if we deem then not good enough, they are out of the poll completely.

Step 3: We rank within the record tiers. This is where it gets subjective, although we try to standardize it a little. The ranking within the record tiers is based purely on resume. Whichever team has got to this record tier by beating the best opponents will be the first seed in this tier.  Of course, the "who they beat" part is pretty subjective, but at some point you have to rank based on what we watch each week right?