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25 thoughts on Baylor and an early look at Kansas State

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1. The crowd was absolutely remarkable. Loud and full of beer energy. I hear it was the second largest ever. Love how relentless the crowd was in the fourth quarter with the bad calls. It's often said that Oklahoma State has the best Homecoming tradition in the nation and I can't imagine anything better. 

2. Uniforms looked sharp. Orange is what it's all about. 

3. Baylor came out determined and RG3 was sharp on  their first drive.Several great throws by him. Kudos to the OSU defense for pissing all over it with the goal line stand. It totally set the tone of the game. A goal line stand that started with a 1st and 2. Unreal.

4. Markelle Martin absolutely punished RG3 on Baylor's first drive. It started with a spear at midfield and ended with a shit talking session at the goal line. Beautiful. 

5. Justin Gilbert played his ass off. Defense, Special Teams, you name it. I cant express how concerned I was when he went down. He is a huge part of this defense. 

6. Brandon Weeden could have thrown that 10 yard out to Justin Blackmon every play. He was wide open several times. 


8. I was also very concerned when Shaun Lewis limped off. He looks to have just rolled an ankle. Came back shortly after. Should be OK.

9. An outstanding gameplan by Bill Young. Frustrate Griffin and you get in his head. Get in his head and you win.

10.  Mildly concerned with our Wide Receivers. With Cooper out with a hamstring issue, no one really stepped up. 

11. Could not be more pleased with our ability to run the ball. We've been saying it all year, but Joe Randle is the best running back in the Big 12. SMIFF and Sims are equally impressive.

12. You can really see the difference having premium athletes makes on defense. We're playing tighter and the soft zone is not as prevalent as it was last season. Thank God.

13. The ABC we had was pretty spare. I understand they have a job to do but come on! Does the highest ranked team playing on Saturday not get the best crew? Bob Davies provided several "SMH" moments.

14. Things are getting pretty surreal in Stillwater. If the BCS Crystal in the endzone doesn't do it for you I'm not sure what will. 

15. Kye Staley's touchdown was so awesome. What an amazing story. I don't throw this word around too often but he is INSPIRING.

16. Somehow, Baylor managed to get their ass kicked AND not punt the ball. Not once. Go figure. 58 plays, 19 first downs, 0 points in the first half. A record for most plays without a point?

17. Oklahoma State LOOKS like the #2 team in the country right now. Offense is unstoppable, defense is flashy and they are undefeated going into another home game. 

18. Pretty amazing how far Oklahoma State and Baylor have come. 

19. Terrance Gannaway and Kendall Wright are the real deal. Baylor is heading in the right direction and will win another big game this year. Not a bad team by any stretch. 

20. Jeremy Smith left the game with what appears to be a hand injury. The rumor is a broken hand. Let's hope not. His 63 yard run was SICK.

21. I am thankful that Pistol Pete is our mascot. It could be a tree. 

22. Defense was just amazing. Every single time Baylor looked like they were going to get something going, we came up with a turnover. Bob Davie said it best. "A formula that will take them to the National Championship"

23. The playcalling to start the second half was horrendous. I'll let it slide, due to the margin of victory but that shit is not going to fly against a team with a good defense. 

24. Brodrick Brown is the most electric defensive player Oklahoma State has ever had. Period.

25. Robert Griffin III is a whiny bitch.

Kansas State

The Wildcats come to town after a brutal end to their undefeated streak by the Oklahoma Sooners.

In the past two seasons, KState has rebounded well from bad losses. In 2009, a  66-14 loss at Texas Tech was followed with a 62-14 win against Texas A&M. Last season, a 48-13 loss to Nebraska was followed by a 59-7 win over Kansas. 

Oklahoma State will have to contain Wildcat QB Collin Klein and limit his rushing ability. Against OU, he completed 8 of 16 passes for 58 yards. Not exactly the kind of QB that has killed Oklahoma State in recent years. It looks like OU exposed Kansas State just in time for the Cowboys. Thanks big bro!

We'll have more in depth analysis (and titays) later this week...

Go Pokes.