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Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 5

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1. Joseph Randle, Jeremy Smith - Oklahoma State

Yeah, Oklahoma State was on BYE last weekend but Joseph Randle is going to have enough yards this Saturday to make up for it. Jeremy Smith will continue his TD streak - and then some. Sorry in advance Kansas.

2. Cyrus GrayChristine Michael - Texas A&M

Strong showing from the Aggie boys. 330 yards and 5 Touchdowns. Too bad the rest of the team sucks. 

3. Henry Josey -  Missouri

Missouri was on a BYE last weekend too so nothing to report. We don't punish people for being on a BYE here at CRFF. 

4. Dominique Whaley - Oklahoma

Can Oklahoma running back Dominique Whaley break the century mark against a quality opponent? We'll see when the Sooners take on the Longhorns in the Red River Shootout. He's had a few good games, against weak competition. 

5. Malcolm Brown - Texas

So Texas scored 37 points against Iowa State but only rushed for 145 yards and 1 touchdown as a team. Brown led the way with 63 yards. Things won't be any easier this weekend. Or will they??????

6. Terrance Gannaway - Baylor

Against Kansas State, Baylor had 83 rushing yards - as a team. So either Kansas State has a great rushing defense or the Baylor running game sucks. I'm going with the later. 

7. Eric Stephens - Texas Tech

Stephens had a good day on paper against Kansas but only finished with 124 yards. Anything less than 200 yards against Kansas is unacceptable. 

8. Iowa State - James White

11 carries, 64 yards and a junk TD for White against the Longhorns. Not a great day for Mr. White - or the Cyclones. 

9. Kansas State - John Hubert

Hubert had 57 yards on 16 carries last weekend against Baylor. QB Collin Klein led the way though. Bill Snyder was throwing the ball on first down if that gives you any indication. 

10. Kansas - James Sims

Sims had an OK day against the Red Raiders but Brandon Bourbon (best college name ever) had 101 yards on 10 carries. I've heard he's quite the talent. We'll keep an eye on it.