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Through 4 Games, The Kansas Defense Has Given Up More Yards Than....

In Lawrence, this is considered tight coverage.
In Lawrence, this is considered tight coverage.

... Barry Sanders ever ran for in a single season.

... there are people that live in Pawnee.

... the distance of 2 round trips from Eskimo Joes to Hideaway.

... 21 football fields

... than Duke's defense has in 5 games.... DUKE?!

... $1000 dollar bills T. Boone has in his money clip right now (barely)

... total length of hair Coach Gundy has had cut off in his lifetime

... the length in words of the job posting for 2012 Kansas Football Head Coaching Position

... well, 800 less than TCU gave up all of last season

... the number of times in strategy sessions that Bob Simmons suggested: "Maybe we should give it to Nathan more."

... UCF, Alabama, and Mich State have given up in 14 combined games

... the combined penis length of all CRFF writers laid end to end 3200 times (note: we didnt actually lay them end to end... unfounately).