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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State versus Kansas

Hey kids! Sorry for the lateness of the predictions. I was out back listening to some Mizzou fans talk about how they are getting an invite to the NFL. They said it should be coming any day now...

Anyway, next on the schedule are the Kansas Jayhawks. Here's the thing. I actually like Kansas. It may be because we have a lot in common. Storied basketball programs (I want ours back, dammit!), the relationship with Bill Self, our current defensive coordinator, Bill Young, was once their defensive coordinator, etc.

Point being, OSU is definitely going to win Saturday but I'm not willing to really rub it in the Jayhawks of right now.***

Also, we had a bye week prior to this game so I can't really remember whose predictions I liked best from the week before. Also, I'm too lazy to look them up. So there is no "Prediction of the Week" winner. Deal with it.

Let's get this going!


***A couple of limeys and mini pitchers at The Penny on Saturday may change this. 

1. Final Score?

2. Total combined rushing yards for both teams?

3. Attendance?

4. Will Kansas have more total yards than what Mark Mangino weighs?

5. How much longer can Mark Mangino jokes be used and still remain funny?

6. What will happen to King this week at Joes?

7. Which pick up line will be most effective to use on ladies (creepy) of the visiting Jayhawks?

8. Who grabs more receptions? Whitemon or Blackmon?