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Kansas Jayhawks @ Oklahoma State Cowboys GameThread

Kansas at No. 6/7 Oklahoma State
Oct. 8, 2011 | 2:36 p.m. CT | Boone Pickens Stadium (60,218 Capacity) | God's Country
TV: None
Radio: Cowboy Radio Network
Satellite Radio: Sirius Ch. 138

Everyone that will know what is going on in this one will be at the game, listening on the radio, or watching a score update on the internet so let's get creative in this GameThread. I know something we could talk about, conference realignment! Has anyone heard about all this realignment? Or I guess talk about this game, whatever.

The Cowboys are favored by 32 as they face one of the worst statistical defenses in college football. Should be plenty of action and hopefully we will have some other-Chelf and Desmond Roland time in the 4th.

This is your GameThread.