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Kevin Durant Takes a Trip to Stillwater

As was very well covered by Anthony Slater at the O'Colly in article form here, and video form above, the currently unemployed Kevin Durant was bored in Gallardia last night and ended up participating in an intramural flag football game in Stillwater. He just hopped in his car/van, drove 50 minutes north, played for the Sigma Nu B team (SNAKES! ssss! sss!), recorded 4 TD passes as the teams QB, and picked off 3 passes as the team's safety.

Once news of this broke, spontanious "millionaire who is just like us", and "these guys need to get a deal worked out" stories popped all over the webinet, and rightly so, but we here at CRFF know what the true motivation behind this trip was.  REVENGE!

And since the 2007 Cowboy baskeball team wasn't in town, KD's wrath was unleashed on an unexpecting scrub flag football team instead. Mario Boggan could not be reached for comment.