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Erect Cowboys Ride For Free is Officially in Effect

As was declared last season between games 9 and 10, CRFF is officially on board the "unreasonably optimistic" bandwagon, and all naysayers are heretofore put on notice that doubting comments will be met with punishment, shunning, or at least replied to with a passive aggressive comment of our own (ooohhh you don't want that).

9-0 sons and daughters... 9 AND 0.

No more self-doubting, no more uttering the "P.C." term, no more waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This team is good enough to reach its goal, and while there are no guarantees that they get there, that is no reason to be pragmatic about this.

In celebration of this policy shift at CRFF, the official CRFF logo is further updated from this post after the Missouri game, to this:


Act accordingly.