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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Texas Tech

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So seriously, what is the deal with Texas Tech? How do you beat OU in Norman and then lose get destroyed by Iowa State at home the very next week? I'm not even trying to rub it in right now. I am really curious how that happens. It's one thing to not be able to handle success very well but this was a cataclysmic failure.

Sorry, Tech fans. I know you're trying to stop dreaming about your heads. /dated joke

Anyway, the whole point of that tiny outburst was to gauge what type of team the Pokes are going to play tomorrow. I'd like to think Randle and Smith will be able to run all over them the way Iowa State and Texas did but then I keep going back to that damn OU game. And let's be honest, OSU didn't exactly play their best last week against Kansas State so it's not out of the realm of possibility to wonder how close the Red Raiders will be able to keep this game...or for how long anyway.

But wait...I forgot about our new CRFF BSD emblem! What the hell was I thinking?! We're going to walk into Lubbock, destroy the Red Raiders, sleep with their women, AND escape without any venereal diseases!


Now let's do some predictions. 

1. Final Score?

2. In a tag team douche-off, who wins: Craig James and his son OR Kirk Herbstreit and his "uncle" Brent Musburger?

3. Turnovers forced by OSU?

4. Number of Texas Tech traditions claimed to be stolen by OSU by halftime?

5. How many girls in the stadium will be carrying the Herp?

6. Best defensive performance? Stats?

7. Better drinking partner: Mike Leach or Dana Holgorsen?

8. Total run yards for OSU?

9. We've seen Randle blow a kiss in one game and spike the ball in another, what will be his TD celebration in this game?