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Oklahoma State Squeaks by Texas Tech, 66-6

Although you can never be sure that you have left Lubbock completely unscathed until the blood-work comes back 4 days later, the Cowboys walk away from this one having crushed the souls of the Red Raiders, and converted most of the nation to believers in the process. The MDM Brandon Weeden was on point, the protection was there all day, the WR's were consistently open, and the RB's were finding plenty of holes that were 3 times wider than their shoulder pads to blast through en route to handing Tech its worst home loss in history.


Oh yeah, the defense played alright also. They only gave up 834 yards, and got lucky that Tech stalled out, that their QB had a terrible game, that some loose balls bounced their way, and that they could hold in the redzone. (shhh... don't compliment the defense, they are thriving on this no respect thing)

Also, the hoopeyballers pulled a football team and laid the white maple to the TAMCC with a 71-39 victory. Everyone except for Czechers Soucek played at least 11 minutes and the Pokes recorded one of their best assist/turnover ratio's of the past 2 years with 11 assists and only 6 turnovers.

Recaps for both will be coming soon, for now leave your comments below.