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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State versus Iowa State

Drunk Fest 2011? Is that an appropriate nickname for the series between these two schools? It has to be better than Farmageddon, right?

Look, I'm just saying that if these two schools have anything in common it is that they know how to have a good time, get thrown in the tank, then shower it away with some Shame shampoo.....and repeat.

I think we could also start a rivalry of awesomely horrible beers. Iowa State is obviously of the Natty Lite persuasion whereas everyone I knew at OSU drank Keystone Light like it was water--which isn't too hard to imagine since it pretty much is. Instead of chanting school names or slogans we can chant either "Keystone!" or "Natty!" back and forth at each other. This, of course, escalates into drunken fights that end in pure exhaustion due to repeatedly missing each other with wild haymakers. Beers are offered to the enemy as olive branches and before you know it, we're all linked shoulder to shoulder, swaying back and forth, singing "Friends In Low Places" at the top of our lungs.


Now let's get to the predictions.

1. Final Score?

2. Amount of times Weeden's quotes will have to be censored in newspaper articles the following day?

3. Time of possession for each team?

4. Number of Iowa State fans caught on camera wearing nothing but straw hats and body paint?

5. Number of TDs for Joseph Randle?

6. Total passing yards for Weeden?

7. Number of Seneca Wallace jerseys spotted on camera?

8. Best pickup line for an Iowa State cheerleader?