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Picks From Cordell 027

If you havne't attended OSU, and even then if you were not in engineering, this particular room might not have any signifigance for you, but this dungeon has been my home away from home for the better part of 3 years. I'm going to be honest with you today, I'm not drinking during these picks. It's not that I was a huge womens basketball fan, or even knew Coach Budke personally, but I'm not in the mood to get wasted now. Somethings just aren't funny, (though usually I'm the asshole making jokes about them, and that probably won't stop), and right now I'm not in the joke making mood, but, we must carry on, so I will try and be the ass you all love (or hate, either way is cool). Anyway, to try and keep the front clear I'm putting everything after the jump, so let's go.

Texas Tech at Missouri

Up until Pinkel's little joyride Wednesday night, I figured Missourah was going to roll the Raiders. Now, I believe Tech has hope. Unless Tech has completely quit, which may have happened. With Josey out, Franklin dinged up, and Pinkel sobering up, Tech does have a chance. Both teams are figting for a bowl spot, so I think this may end up being a good game, but I think Mizzou holds on to win, 35-34

Kansas at Texas A&M

The Jayhawks are fighting, the Aggies are reeling, and an upset might be brewing down in College Station. But probably the Aggies will win. I'm sorry y'all, I just don't have it today. Ag's win, 38-21. 

Oklahoma State at Iowa State

The Cowboy train keeps on a rollin, and this week makes a weird Friday stop in Ames Iowa (fucking ESPN). I think we here at CRFF have found a kindered spirit in the WRNL crew (hugs all around), so it sucks that we have to whip their ass, but alas, we must. I think Iowa State is an improving team, and while I don't think they'll compete for the Big 12 next year, I think they'll get 9 wins and a good bowl. As for this year, they have a gauntlet of the next three weeks, playing us, OU, and KSU, needing 1 win to make a bowl this year. I hope they do it, but just not tonight. Pokes win big, 55-21

Oklahoma at Baylor

While it would be awesome to win the Big 12 tomorrow with a Baylor win (assuming of course, we beat ISU), but I'm still not on the Baylor wagon, especially after they almost lost to Kansas. It will be interesting to see how the goons respond to the loss of Broyles, but I suspect they'll be just fine this week. OU wins, 42-14

Kansas State at Texas

The game of the week in the Big 12 pits the Wildcats against the Longhorns in primetime (but on FX, damn). Anyhow, I think this could be a good game, but I think Texas is in full on quit mode, and the Wildcats have owned them lately, so I'm calling for a KSU W, 32-10 (won't need overtime for this one).

I'm sorry guys, this is probably my worst picks ever, but I'm just not in the mood today. Hope you understand, I'll come with thunder next week (and I've got something special planned for the week after, I think you'll love it. I'm doing the picks with a former OU head coach, you can guess which one).

Go Pokes