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Oklahoma State BCS Projection: Thank you OU/UO

We'll update this throughout the day but it looks as if the Cowboys will come in at #4 or #5 when the rankings are released this evening. Big thanks go out to Oklahoma and Oregon for making this possible. I'm not a BCS expert but one would have to think that if we win Bedlam. Alabama loses to Auburn or LSU loses to Arkansas or Georgia - we're back in the title game. Crazy. 

We'll have an official update when the word becomes official. Until then, some light reading for your enjoyment...

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 13: SEC Rematch Warning, Whether You Like It Or Not -

Oklahoma State, believe it or not, might get a mulligan if the 174 coaches and Harris voters really, really don't want to see another soccer game. There are also Stanford and Virginia Tech, each with one loss, floating on the margin. But after that, it's Houston (undefeated for now), Boise State (one killer loss) and a bunch of two-loss teams ... in other words: no chance. So the BCS title game selection process basically comes down to one game: Arkansas at LSU.

BCS Projections, Week 13: Oklahoma State's Loss Is Alabama's Gain - SB Nation Denver

The Pokes still clock in at No. 5, but otherwise you'll notice a few differences between the USA Today and AP polls.