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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State versus Kansas State

Look, I'm not going to lie to you. I forgot to post these on Friday. A tradition almost ruined due to my inept memory. But alas, here we go...a day late.

While I am eating my humble pie, I will add a side of crow for predicting in the preseason that K-State would only win four games. It turns out that Bill Snyder is a fantastic coach (Who knew? Oh wait, everyone) that has resurrected the Wildcats once before and should not have been doubted once again. I apologize, Mr. Snyder. Please don't teabag me with your old, gray balls.

Anyway, regardless of how well Eco-Girl and friends have done, I don't think it will save them in this game. The Pokes have far too much firepower on offense and will continue to make plays on defense despite what Lou Holthhbbthhs says about them on ESPN.

So let's get going with the predictions!

1. Final Score?

2. Eco-Girl...would you?

3. Yards and TD's for Blackmon?

4. How many references on the telecast to the "bend but not break" defense?

5. How many turnovers forced by OSU's defense?

6. How many sacks by OSU's defense?

7. Creepier to look at: Bill Snyder or the Wildcat mascot?

8. Attendance?

9. Best pick up line for a K-state cheerleader?