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9 Thoughts For 9 And 0

We're diligently working up a KSU recap,  but to fill the gap I decided to collect some of the random thoughts I had here in one place (that way it's easier for y'all to tell me how stupid I am).

1: It's been 66 years since our Cowboys have been 9-0. We have never been 10-0. What's the point? Enjoy the ride, no matter where it takes us.

2: Justin Blackmon, my man, as much as I love you (in the straightest way possible), we have to talk. You are one fumble in the end zone away from losing my faith as a fan. Seriously, get your shit together. We all know you love to show how good you are, but please, learn how to hold the damn ball. Also, you are not Justin Gilbert, therefor you should never, ever, attempt to field a punt. You suck at it. So please, leave the punt returns to the professionals.

3: Brandon Weeden is cold blooded, and yes, in a Rick James sort of way. Two interceptions, one pick 6, these things don't phase him. He could probably throw 4 int's in a row and not have it bother him (though I would be cursing his soul). He comes off very NFLish, in that when he screws up he's already over it before he gets to the sideline.

Jump with me for the rest....

4: This isn't so much as thought as a question, directed straight at Bill Young. Mr. Young, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A GOD DAMN SPY? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF PLAYING QB CONTAIN? WHY, GOD WHY, DIDN'T YOU DO THAT? THERE IS NO WAY, EVEN IF WE DIDN'T PRACTICE IT, THAT WE COULD HAVE DONE WORSE. YOU SUCK. But seriously, I am very disappointed in Young, and don't tell me we don't have athletes. In 2009 we had the 31st ranked defense, and I know for a fact we have better athletes in place now.

5: I want to see us run the ball more. 16 rushes to 45 passes is unacceptable. I don't care Smiff was out, we have Sims, who can play if given a chance. It's nice that we can score in 8 seconds, but much like my wife, I wish we could go longer. We have the offensive line to power run, now it's time we use it.

6: This kind of goes with number 5, but for the love of everything holy, we must get our time of possession up. It is no wonder we give up so many yards when our D spends 40 to 45 minutes per game on the field. Dana Holgerson is proving why using this type of offense with zero defense won't win. It's the same thing that happened to Leach, we'll be good enough to win 9 or 10, not good enough for 13.

7: Kirk Herbstreit is a sissy girl when it comes to earthquakes.

8: I know it's hard to fathom right now (and I don't even care currently, I'm in full football mode), but our basketball team has a legit shot at a Big 12 title and a deep NCAA run. I don't know if it will happen, but damn we look good so far. We're finally both athletic AND long (choose your favorite penis joke and insert it here). Nash is a beast, and it sucks that he will only be here a year, so I suggest you get out there and enjoy it now (cause our away game with Texas is on the fucking Longhorn network. I hope an earthquake swallows Austin).

9: What does Texas Tech have in common with Kansas State? If you give them hope (coughOUcough) they can beat you (like, when you have a chance to go up 21-0 and your superstar wide receiver decides to try his hand a punt returning even though we have a superstar punt returner and then fucks up and gives them the ball and great field position and they make a game of it). The key, in my opinion, to beating Tech is to jump out early. They're not a very good football team, but it's imperative to get on them quick. I also love the 11am start, as their fans won't have a full day to get wasted.