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Bob Stoops Vacation Photo**HACKED*** (NSFW)

Those limey tabloid bastards from News of the World have been bored since they were shut down, and a bored hacker is a fun hacker. After running out of murdered girls phones to hack it seems they've turned their attention to American football coaches. Knowing I had the power to publish, they sent me this photo (hacked straight from his email) of Bob Stoops on summer vacation. I also think I recognize his friend, it resembles somebody I seem to know. Hmmm,

Click the jump to see the photo. (Unless you're at work. Then please, wait til you get home)


Oh my. I'm not really sure I have the words to describe what I've just seen. There are two things that are worth mentioning though. I thought Stoops had a bigger gut than that, guess he's been working out. Also I think Brents ass-less chaps are a classy touch. Let's just hope they don't hack my email, the world's not ready for what's in there.

Go Pokes