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Prediction Time: Bedlam Edition

The time has finally come. The road had a few speed bumps that gave both teams flat tires but nonetheless, Bedlam is here. It's been a strange season marred with injuries both on and off the football field. Both teams took losses to teams they should have blown out and now it seems a Fiesta Bowl appearance is what's left on the line.

So pretty much just like last year.

OSU may be able to back their way into the national championship game but as of right now it looks as though we'll be stuck with a rematch of epically boring proportions. Whatever the case, this Bedlam game will once again determine the Big 12 champion. And we couldn't have better weather for it.....right?

Anyway, there's no doubt it will be a great game as it always is in Stillwater and hopefully this time we'll see game end with the Pokes being victorious.

Now on with the predictions!

1. Final Score?

2. What color panties will Bob Stoops be wearing?

3. How many mentions of the "Bell Dozer" before everyone wants to kick a hole through their television?

4. Stats for Brandon Weeden?

5. Uniform combination?

6. Turnovers forced by OSU defense?

7. Rushing yards for both teams combined?

8. Number of fights that break out during the whole day?

9. Best pickup line for an OU cheerleader that is not a transvestite?

10. What will be the biggest play of the game and who will make it?